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Heavenly lake (Tianchi)
Heavenly lake is halfway up Mount Bogda in the Tianshan Mountains. It is 1,900 meters above sea level and ninety meters deep, and its water comes from melted snow on nearby mountains. The blue lake, the snow-capped mountains, the evergreens on the mountain slopes -- together these form an idyllic scene. The best way to spend your time is to hike around the lake and even up into the hills. The surrounding countryside is quite beautiful. It is possible to hire horses for treks around the lake, a trip to the snow line costs about Y80. The return trek takes between eight and 10 hours, depending on where the snowline is.
During the summer, the Kazakhs bring their entire house, home and family with them and set up base here. There are hundreds of Yurts built around the shores and slopes, surrounded by goats, sheep and horses. They also set up yurts for tourist accommodation(Y40 per person with three meals). Yurts are made from hide or canvas stretched over a wooden frame. The interiors are wonderfully colorful, with handmade rugs and tapestries adorning the walls. This is a great experience, and a fun way to get a glimpse of the lifestyle of these people.
Xinjiang museum
Museum of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region at Xibei Road is a distinctive green domed Soviet-style building, about 20 minutes' walk from Hongshan intersection. Covering an exhibiting area of 7800 sqm, the museum is divided into different sections: a Mongol wing, a Tajik exhibition, a Kasak exhibition and a Dauer people and relics display.
The Museum is definitely worth a visit. It has a collection of more than 50,000 cultural relics with distinct ethnic features. Prime exhibits are the preserved bodies of nearly a dozen men, women and babies discovered in tombs in Xinjiang.
These mummies are of note because
they are Indo-European, not Chinese. Besides, various articles of ethnic groups are also showed in the museum, which include clothing, household utensils, handicrafts, hunting accoutrements and musical instruments as well as the Uyghur house and different styles of yurts, giving a vivid introduction of the customs and cultures of different ethnic groups
Urumqi Southern Mountain
75 kilometers (46 miles) South of Urumqi, in the Southern Mountain, the area at the northern foot of Karawuquntag Mountain, a spur of the Tianshan Mountains, lies West White Poplar Valley. Dragon spruces and flowers of all sports grow luxuriantly in this valley. With a plentiful water supply from springs, the valley is a natural pasture for grazing cattle as well as a summer resort. The Kazakhs usually spend summer here between May and October and graze their herds. Visitors can take a horseback tour guided by local Kazakhs. In a traditional yurt, the hospitable host will welcome you in with fragrant milk tea, mare's milk, cheese and
roasted lamb. The horse-racing and traditional Kazakh dancing are equally amazing.More spectacular landscape come at the far end of the valley - a 2-meter- (6.6-feet-) wide waterfall cascades 40 meters (131 feet) down, roaring with mist. It makes you feel refreshed and relaxed.
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