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Turpan Travel Information

Turpan Prefecture, one of the eight prefectures in Xinjiang Uyhgur Autonomous Region, covers a total area of 69 700 square kilometers. It lies in the Turpan Depression at the southern foot o( the Tianshan Mountains and is surrounded by the Bogda Mountains in the north, the Karawuquntag Mountains in the west, choltag Mountains in the south and the Kumtag Mountains in the southeast. Turpan Prefecture is in the middle of the Xinjiang Uyhgur Autonomous Region. Turpan city is about 200 kilometers from Urumqi.

Turpan depression is the lowest basin in China. The area below sea level is 4 050 square kilometers; the area 100 meters below the sea level is about 2 085 square kilo-meters.

There is a total population of more than 550000 in Turpan Prefecture and 251652 in Turpan city. The Uyghur nationality makes up 72 percent, the Han 20 percent, the Hui 7 percent and other nationality make up the rest.

The peculiar topography of the Turpan Depression exerts a tremendous influence on the climate here. The climate of the central part of the depression is quite differ-ent from its surrounding mountains areas. There are more than 100 days in a year in Turpan, the temperature reaches above 35C and 35 to 50 sweltering days. The highest absolute temperature used to reach at 49.7C.and the temperature of the ground surface in summer even reached at 70C. The unique topography and climatic con-ditions bring about the peculiarity of "Strong and more winds" of the Turpan Depression. Strong winds, blowing, in most cases, from the northwest, occur mostly in spring and summer and particularly in hot months of April to July. Baiyanghe in Toksun County and Shisanjianfang in Shans-han County are the main wind gaps of the depression. Un-der the strong winds, the quicksand in the central part and on the fringes of the depression drifts violently. The city of Turpan, situated between latitude 42 15' to 43 35' north and longitude 8829' to 8954' east in the middle of the depression, covers an area of 16 000 square kilometers.

Scenic Spots & Place of Interests
Turpan is one of the earliest opened cities for the tourists both at home and aboard. There are a lot of historical ancient sites and scenic spots, such as the Flaming Mountains, The Ancient City of Gaochang, Astana-Karahoja Ancient Tombs, The ancient city of Jiaohe, Emin Minaret, The karez System, The Grape Valley, The Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves,The Peach Valley,etc

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