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Yarghol (Jiaohe) Ancient city
The Ancient City of Jiaohe is 10km (6 miles) west of Turpan in the Yarnaz Valley. Jiaohe means "intersecting rivers" and the ruins are located on top of a 30 meter cliff carved out by 2 long dried up rivers. 2000 years ago, Jiaohe was powerful and important - it was the capital of the state of South Cheshi, one of the kingdoms of the Han dynasty and was eventually incorporated into the Uyghur empire in the 9th century BC. The city was at its cultural peak under the Uyghurs, but Mongol rebellions led to its demise and by the Yuan dynasty Jiaohe was deserted.

Astana-Karghoja Graveyards
Atsana Graves lie northwest of the Ancient City of Gaocheng and is where imperials of the city were buried between the 3rd and 9th centuries. Most of the artifacts found in these tombs date from the same period and include silk brocades with Chinese and Middle Eastern designs, paper burial objects and other items of daily use. The objects are in excellent condition as they have been well preserved in the dry climate. 3 of the tombs are open to tourists and are entered through steep and narrow passageways that lead to burial chambers about 6 meters (20ft) below theground. 2 of the tombs are decorated with simple
the first of auspicious birds the other depicting persons representing Confucian virtue. The last tomb contains well-preserved mummies of a man and woman.
turpan Grape Valley
On the western face of the Flaming Mountains, east of Turpan is the Grape Valley. Despite the sweltering summer heat that hits Turpan, this 8km (5 mile) long valley remains cool and humid. Grapes were first grown in the city over 2,000 years ago and together with Turpan melons and wines, soon became the region? specialty products. The delicious produce was often presented as tribute to the Tang imperial court. The Grape Valley is filled with trellised walkways, that in the peak season of July to August, are covered with bunches of grapes. The valley produces the famous seedless white grape, the manaizi or are nipple grape, and
red and black grapes in the fall. Peaches, apricots, apples, pomegranates, pears, and various types of melon are also grown here.In the valley you will find a park as well as patios and outdoor tables where you can eat the grapes and other fruit or enjoy a delicious meal complemented by the locally produced wine.
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