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 The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is located in northwestern China, in the hinterland of Eurasia. It has an area of about 1.66 million square kilometers which is about one sixth of the total area of China, and boasts a unique natural landscape consisting of world renowned large mountain ranges ,glaciers aster systems ,oases ,prairies and forests.

 Xinjiang has a long history and a multitude of nationalities ,such as the Uygur , Mongol , Kazak , Hui ,Kirgiz ,Tajik ,Xibe ,Uzbek ,Man ,Daur , Tatar ,Russ and Han , while the Uygur nationality as the principal nationality .This region presents a colorful mixture of folk customs.

 The Silk Road a first main international trading road in the world, started in the western Han Dynasty and lasted for over 1500 years for the purpose of building up business connections between Europe, Asia and Africa. It played an important role in promoting the exchange of material and spiritual civilizations between the east and the west.

 Xinjiang was called the Western Regions in the Han Dynasty and was the communication centre of the Silk Road .The key sections of three main lines of the Silk Road were all situated and a unique Western Regions civilization was formed in the region. The ingenious combination of the magnificent natural landscape with the brilliant human landscape makes the region a colorful and enchanting land, especially for tourists.

 According to investigation data, the tourism resources of Xinjiang exhibit the following characteristics: large in number, complete in types, high in quality ,good in combination, multiple in function and promising in prospect .According to the classification system of tourism resources given in the ^Norm of General Survey of Tourism Resources in China ̄ ,Xinjiang possesses all the six key types of tourism resources and among the 68types of tourism resources, Xinjiang possesses 56 types. Plenty of tourism resources in Xinjiang have greatly attracted many tourists both in home and abroad .Without question ,an important position will be given to the tourism of Xinjiang, which should be the same as the petroleum industry of Xinjiang .the Xinjiang government has paid great attention to the development of Xinjiang tourism and a decision has been made to accelerate the development.

 Tourism is a great undertaking geared to the needs of the country and also of the world a window for Xinjiang to omnibearingly observe and understand the world and good way for Xinjiang to move toward and the future. Bilateral or multilateral cooperations of various forms can be established through tourism.


Updated: 22th, December 2010

Sources from: Traveling Around Xinjiang (Book)

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