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Fifth Ice and Snow Tourism Expo Kicks off in Xinjiang

The Fifth Ice and Snow Tourism Expo in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region features a wide range of winter tourism industry exhibits and exciting travel packages with unique Uyghur flavor, sina.com reports.

The 3-day expo, which started on November 26, aims to explore the rich ice and snow resources in China's vast northwestern region. It will serve as a large platform to introduce the region's tourism, sports equipment, outdoor clothing and hotel offerings.

A special provincial fund of 100 million yuan (US$15 million) for Xinjiang tourism development is expected to be a catalyst for the region's tourism industry, said Chi Zhongqing, Secretary of Xinjiang's tourism administration. The amount is double that of this year's total funds.

It is anticipated that the special fund will be an antidote for Xinjiang's insufficient investment, inadequate promotion, small regional airlines and low number of visitors, Chi said.

Tourism products featuring ice and snow, folk customs, hot springs and sports will be the main attractions at this year's winter expo together with innovative and interactive winter tourism products, Chi said.

In the near future, the Nalati scenic area could become Xinjiang's fourth national AAAAA scenic zone after Lake Kanas, Heaven Lake and Turpan's Grape Valley, because of its beautiful prairie landforms with high mountains and deep valleys.

(SOURCES:People's Daily)

(Tianshannet) Updated: 30th, November 2010 10:33:31

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