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China Domestic Travel Fair on April 15 opened in Xi'an

Yesterday, the Provincial Tourism Bureau held a press conference to announce the 2011 China Domestic Tourism Fair will be held April 15 opened in Xi'an, the provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and Hong Kong, Macao are will send delegations to participate.

Learned that this travel fair by the State Tourism Bureau, Shaanxi Provincial People's Government held 2011 April 15 to 17 in the Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Centre. Domestic Travel Fair has been held for the seventh session, this is first time to held in Xi'an. It is reported that all provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and Hong Kong, Macao will participate in this event.

In order to better promote tourism in Shaanxi, this Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Centre in Hall B3, Booth 400 dedicated a museum tour of Shaanxi. Shaanxi Museum will vigorously promote "human Shaanxi Qinling mountains and rivers," the brand image, promote various forms of historical and cultural tour of Shaanxi, ecological tours, classic tours red tourism products and tourist routes, a comprehensive display of the province food, accomodation, transportation, travel , shopping and entertainment products and the overall image of tourism in Shaanxi.

The reporters also learned that there are two in this travel fair highlights: First, Shaanxi Provincial Tourism will be held the second meeting of senior consultants, hired by the provincial government in 2009 in Shaanxi Province travel the 10 senior adviser, Shaanxi tourism development advice; Second, will host "Tourism in Western China Development Forum", aimed to enhance regional tourism cooperation in order to form a closely integrated Western tourism industry, complete one of the strategic situation.

(SOURCES:People's Daily)

(Tianshannet) Updated: 31th, March 2011 10:30:08

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