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Brilliant historical Track

The Chinese nation is formed by many nationalities. Among them Huaxia nationality is the oldest one and originated from the Kunlun Mountains in Northwest China .The word ¡°Kunlun¡± is the transliteration of ancient Yutian language for ¡°south¡± so the Kunlun Mountains actually means south mountains actually means south mountains. In fact, the ¡°Kunlun mountain¡± is not only meant for a natural mountain, but also meant for a holy mountain with profound humanization , which has a symbolic meaning suggesting that it is the birthplace of the Huaxia nationality.

Today not only the Han nationality which accounts for one fifth of the total population of the world , but also minority nationalities in China all called themselves with one voice the descendants of the Yan and Yellow emperors

According to popular legend, the Yan Emperor acted as god of farming ,the god of medicine, the god of fire and the god of the sun to named Tingwo, was the daughter of a man named Chishui. Just because they lived at Chishui located in the Kunlun Mountains, the Chishui tribe god the name Chishui. the rain master of the Yan Emperor, named Chisongzi, live near the stone house of Xinwangmu which was also located in the daughter, named Sang, had follows. Chisongzi to the Kunlun Mountains for learning the Way of Nature (dao). The war between the Yan Emperor and the Yelow Emperor ended with failure of the Yan Emperor. Except that some clansmen of the Yan Emperor submitted to the authority of the Yellow Emperor, most of his clansmen scattered everywhere. A desendant of the Yan Emperor named Gonggong had a severe fight with Chiyou in Mount Buzhou which is a main range of the Kunlun Mountains.

According to popular legend, the Yellow Emperor was the centaral emperor that dominated the whole universe. His position was similar to Zeus in Greek mythology and Jupiter in Roman mythology. After he had won all battles, he made the nation become stable and united and the people live and work in peace and contentment. According to the records in Classic of the Mountains and Rivers the Yellow Emperor built his capital in the northwest of the Kunlun Mountains. His wife named Leizu also came form a place nearby the Kunlun Mountains. She was the first to start mulberry cultivation and silkworm breeding. Simlar to Greek mythology saying that all gods under the chief god Zues lived in Olympus in Chinese mythology, all gods under the Yellow Emperor lived in the Kunlun mountain.

  The family names of Xia , Shang and Zhou had already appeared in the times of the Yan Emperor and the Yellow Emperor. The Xias, the reigns of Yao and Shun The fact that Jiang, the descends of the yellow emperor, indicates the family of the Zhou is the mixed descended of the Yan emperor and the yellow emperor. Houji lived in the area now called Hotan. At that time, they called themselves the people of Xia, This is the Hotan area in ancient times was called ¡°the great Xia¡±. According to some scholars, the ancestor of the Zhou was a branch of the Qiangs. The westward migration of the Zhous was caused by that they wanted to cooperate with the Diqiang nationality in order to extend their power to the whole northern piedmont of the KunlunMountains. Their eastward migration afterwards was compelled by circumstances. At that time, an Indo-European nationality Se came to the northern piedmont of the KunlunMountain and mingled with the Diqiang nationality, thus resulting in the strengthening of XiwangmuState and the collapse of the rule of the Zhous. After the eastward migration of the Zhous, they joined with their clansmen, began to build up their strength at the upper reaches of the Jinghe and Weihe rivers and flourished at the end of the establishment of the Western Zhou Dynasty. Through their eastward migration, they took the historical and geographical knowledge concerning the northern piedmont of the KunlunMountains and the TarimBasin and also the original legend about the KunlunMountains to the whole China. This is why there are so many valuable descriptions about the historical and geographical features of the ancient western regions and about the origin of Huaxia (the Chinese nation) in such ancient literatures as Yugong, Zhuangzi, Guanzi, the Book of Document, the Book of Odes, the Classic of Mountains and rivers, the Unofficial Book of the Zhou Dynasty and the Biography of Emperor Mu. All that mentioned above indubitably indicates that the KunlunMountains locates in Xinjiang are the birthplace of the Chinese nation.

Updated: 30th, March 2011

Sources from: Traveling Around Xinjiang (Book)

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