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 The Xinjiang Institute of Archaeology reported on Feb. 14 that it discovered an ancient tomb group covering an area of more than 10,000 square meters 100 kilometers south of Hami City in China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. This is the first time that a tomb group dating back 3,000 years has been found in Hami region.

 Chinanews reported that the tombs group has a large scale and a dense distribution. It was also the first time that a tomb with a sacrificial altar was found in the Xinjiang region. Most burial objects were made of pottery and wood, but some objects made from stones, bones, horns, bronze and iron were also found here.

The director of Hami's Cultural Relics Bureau said archaeologists had already excavated more than 150 ancient tombs in the last two months.

 At the excavation site, archaeologists found something special, including some materials never before discovered, special construction styles and some unique burial customs. In addition, they also found various precious cultural relics under unique cultural background.
Judging from the current situation of the group, archaeologist said it might be remains of an early Iron Age settlement dating back about 3,000 years ago.

  The tomb group was located at the southern margin of ancient Silk Road. From those unearthed cultural relics, archaeologists were able to ascertain that the ecological environment, including the amount of water and plants, was much more favorable at the time than they are currently.

 There are many mineral sprigs in Xinjiang. Most of them have medical effect. The following springs are available for the residents and tourists to enjoy the use of them: Shuimogou Spring in Urumqi, Tagarma Spring in Taxkorgan, No 12 KUnes Spring in Hejing County, Qianlei Spring in Baicheng(Bay) County, Menkete Spring ,A rsongsayi Spring and Kahuinaozi Spring in Nilka County ,Zhihui S pring in Shufu County ,Huonuohai Spring in Qapqal County ,Xian Spring ,Tian Spring and Sheng Spring in Wenquan(Arixang)County and Liushu Spring in Wushi (Uqturpan)County.

 In Xinjiang there is no large waterfall, but there are a great number of medium and tiny waterfalls. Most of them are located in mountainous areas with beautiful scenery and therefore have become famous tourist spot, such as Longchi waterfall in Kuqa County, Hudaosala waterfall in Takes County, Tianchi waterfall in Fukang County, Qakarpu waterfall in Xinyuan (kunes)County and Baiyanghe waterfall in Urumqi .

 Xinjiang is a glacier Cdeveloping area of China. There are 19 091glaciers in Xinjiang with a total area of about 26 517km and a total ice reserve of 5304.9billin m3. Glacial landform in Xinjiang vary greatly. Glacial landform in the mountainous are of the Tianshan Mountains is especially complex. Many glacier developing areas in Xinjiang have been opened up into tourist spots. Some of them combine with mountain peaks to form special tourism landscapes, such as Tomur peak glacier in the Tianshan Mountains ,Tianshan No.1 glacier at Daxigou of Nanshan in Urumqi, Bogda peak glacier, Yangbulak glacier in Muztagata of the Western Kunlun Mountains and Muztag peka glacier in the Kunlun Mountains. Glacier station, mountain-climbing base and tourist reception centre have been set up in some of these tourist spots



Updated: 20th, February 2011

Sources from: (People's Daily Online)

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