Tour-code: SRA11-0827
Tour-route: Urumqi / Turpan / Kashgar / Yarkend / Kargelik / Kucha / Korla / Yining / Kuitun / Karmay
Dear Wendy,
The first time I met Abdullah Khaliq, the director of Silk Road Tours, at the end of the 1980s when I guided a group in Xinjiang, and we cooperated very well and also became friends (as much as you can become friends when you have few opportunities to meet again). After that we were in contact for a few years, but we lost track of each other since I didn't go back to Xinjiang for many years, and email was not so widespread at that time.
Last year I went back to Xinjiang, organizing a group tour for a friends, and I only wanted to do that if I knew somebody reliable. With the help of the internet I found Abdullah again and learned that meanwhile he had his own company.
So I asked him to arrange the trip, and I was on the trip myself so that I had the chance to meet Alim, Abdul Rahman and other staff members. There's not much to say except: it was a great trip and I will definitely come back ... and will certainly have it organized by them again.
Best regards
Tour-code: SRA11-0518
Tour-route: Kashgar / Yarkant / Khotan / Korla / Urumqi
Dear Mr Abdullah and Abdulrahman
We are now back home in our beloved little village of Crowdy Head after a truly wonderful trip.
Mr Abdullah and Abdulrahman, we thoroughly enjoyed our trip along the Southern Silk Road route and we are very appreciative of the fabulous tour and accommodation that you organised for us. We were simply fascinated with the trip and would highly recommend it to other travellers. Even Tazhong was great fun - it was one of our life's nicer experiences!
And so we would like to thank you both sincerely for organising such a wonderful trip. We had a great time and are very appreciative of your highly professional assistance and organisation. We intend to travel through far west China next year and we would like to use the services of your company once again.
I will be writing up our travels as a travelogue once again and will of course promote Silk Road Adventures
We look forward to staying in touch.
Very best wishes.
Wendy and Alan Crowdy Head, Australia
Tour-route:Urumqi / Kanas Lake / Hemu / Karamay / Yining / Narat Grassland / kuqa / Khotan / Kashgar
Dear Alim
Pat and I would like to thank you for looking after our group so well. Please also thank Mr Hu for us. The group members very much appreciated the care and attention that you both provided to them.
We have had excellent feedback about the trip and about the efforts that you and Mr Hu made to ensure the success of the tour. Carol and Pat particularly appreciated the opportunity to meet your family members in their home at Kashgar. That was a great pleasure for them. Thank you.
Much praise has also been given to Mr Hu for his driving skill and good humour. Of course we know this ourselves but it is also very pleasing to hear this directly from satisfied travellers.
Please also thank Muhammad for looking after the grp in URC. Thanks again for your efforts Alim. Remember to stay away from those nettles!
Best Regards Mazong
Tour-route:Urumqi / Kanas Lake / Hemu / Karamay / Yining / Narat Grassland / kuqa / Khotan / Kashgar
Hi MirAlim,
How are you? Arturo, Manuel and me (Juanjo) are now living our usual life, but we don't forget the time we have enjoyed travelling along the Silk Road, visiting places as beautiful as Urumqi and Turpan, I would very much appreciate with you and your company that provide me such a wonderful server and we will again contact with your company in the future. Thanks again.
Best regards,
Manuel, Arturo, Juanjo (Spain)
Tour-code: SRA09-0602
Tour-route:Torugat Border/Kashgar/Sost (Pakistan)
Dear Mr Abdullah
Greetings from Australia
We are now back home in our beloved village of Crowdy Head on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales after a long wonderfu trip to Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, far west China and Pakistan.
We would like to thank you and your team very much for assisting us during our trip from the Torugat Pass to Kashgar, and then onto Tashkurgan.
Mr Abdullah, we are very grateful to Abdul Rehman and his excellent driver who picked us up on 2 June at Torugat Pass and drove us back through China into Kashgar.Once we departed the Torugat Pass, the trip was very pleasant and our booking into the International Hotel, Kashgar went smoothly.
Mr Abdullah, once again we thank you and your team for an excellent rip through far west China. It has been a pleasure to do business with you. We believe that we have been very fortunate in using the services of such good companies such as Silk Road Adventures, North Pakistan Treks, Tours and Expeditions and Advantour.
Mr Abdullah, I have finally finished our travelogue on our travels in far west China, Central Asia and Pakistan and have published it onto Travelpod, an Internet travel blog site. The travelogue of course includes your company Silk Road Adventures.
I have also included your email details should readers wish to contact you. Should you wish to access it, the link is:
We will promote your company to any prospective travellers and we will certainly be in touch with you for our next trip to China.
Very best wishes.
Wendy Morrison & Alan Smith (Australia)
November 2010
Tour-code: SRA10-0702
Tour-route: Urumchi-Khotan-Turpan-Beijing
Dear Alim,
Thanks for the vacations we have spent together to Urumqui and outskirts. I have pointed out your website to one friend of mine.
He would like to make a trekking in the area of the Muztagata mt. Probably we will still feel there and perhaps we will also see us, I hope sooner for the possible, but not before next year.
A regard also to the driver that I don't remember the name, I'm sorry. Waiting for news.
Mariapia & Vanni (Italy)
Tour-code: SRA 10-829
Tour-route: Urumqi /Kashgar /Yarkand /Aksu /Kucha /Korla /Turpan /Dunhuang /Xian
Hi Abudullah,
We were back to Malaysia on 11/9 safely. There was an hour delay from take off due to heavy traffic at Beijing airport.Xinjiang is one of the places which I have planned to visit many years, somehow it was not materialized until this year. My knowledge and impression about Xinjiang is Silkroad, Gobi desert, storm desert, hot and dry, oasis, the flaming mountain, fruits especially grapes, Islam, nan and the rich cultural dance. To my surprise, Xinjiang is so big and the history of some of the towns could be traced back to 200BC during the Western Han period. Now some of these places are left as a ruin site. Buddhism was already existed and there were grottoes around. I am also not aware that Xinjiang is divided by the Tianshan into north and south Xinjiang.

These 2 regions have very different scenery. There was this song played by Ilham and the lyrics is something like this “ If you have not being to the great wall, you are not considered as a man. If you have not being to Xinjiang, you will feel regret.” And our naughty, big boy tour guide Ilham added the next line : if you have being to Xinjiang and never visited both north and south Xinjiang, it will be your greatest regret!! We were like got electrical shock, WHAT!!?? Excuse me, I beg your pardon, are you sure, what so special???........ Guess what, after his explanation, some of the tour members is planning to visit north Xinjiang next year!!!!

I guess I made a right choice to visit Xinjiang this year. Thanks for the well planned itinerary and also gave us one of the best tour guides and driver that we ever had in China. I have a better insight understanding about Xinjiang. Ilham brought us back to the memory lane the good old days of silk road, instead of by camel; we are now by the modern transport. As one of the tour members repeated said, this trip is value for money.

Needless to mention, Ilham is a very good guide. He is knowledgeable, delicate, well presented himself with confident, with high energy and drive, friendly, easy to talk with and easy to build rapport. We can find the good quality characters on him, thumb up to him!!! He is just too excellent. He talked to us about the cultures, races, lifestyle, religion, arts and of course his strong subject, history. Especially when he brought us to the bazaar, at every store that we stopped, he will take the interest to explain in detail. To be frank, I like the bazaar, especially the one at Yap Chan, it might seem a bit ‘messy’, but I think that is life. The other one which is quite organized is around the Mosque Eidkah, I managed to get some wood handicraft souvenirs. At the bazaar, we have the opportunity to interact with the locals, at least understand how they live in basic.

It was really our honor being invited to have a very wonderful dinner at Ilham aunt house. It was just marvelous, gorgeous. I think I will never forget the delicious and yummy noodle soup and the lamb rice. Serious, maybe it is due to my eating habit, I do not fancy about dishes cooked with lamb, however, those food served on that day were just too tempting that I can’t resist, I have 2 rounds of serving!!! Ilham demonstrated to us how to eat the rice with hand, somehow just too bad, I could not pick up the skill. Also not to forget to mention he brought us to his grandmother house. We were so shock to see that his grandmother was joy with tears to see him, what a touching moment!!

Yes, I am very happy and satisfied with the trip. I have visited places that I have being looking forward, the Mogao Grottoes, Terra Cotta army, the crescent moon lake, Turpan and the none other than the route to the SilkRoad with all my imagination whenever I listen to the music play by Kitaro on Silkroad and Dunhuang. No regret!!. I think the only regret I have is I did not able to put a night in the yurt at Tianchi. My tour members are not adventurous enough to take the challenge!!, what an opportunity wasted to have a difference encounter and experience.
There are a few points which I would like to bring up for your attention:

1.Hotel – Jinye hotel in Korla – the room is smelly, especially the toilet, smell of sewage. The door was spoiled and we were not able to lock the door properly. So worry that there could be break in case.

2.Hotel at Oytagh Natural Reserve – No hot water supply, we were not able to take our shower,There is this hotel with wooden bath tub (I cannot remember the name of the hotel), the tub is in very bad condition and could pose danger.

3. The guide at Xian – We have no question about her knowledge and explanation at all the sites that we visited. In fact, I rated her excellent. But, the way the arrangement was made was too rush. She brought us to those expensive restaurants without a proper explanation about the food. The food fell below our expectation!!!! We have heated argument.

Last but not least, on behalf of the group, please send our best and warmest regard to your mother and sister in law. Thanks for their hospitality and deepest appreciation from the bottom of my heart.
Cham (Singapore)
October 2010
Tour-code: SRA08-0907
Tour-route: Xian / Dunhuang /Turpan / Urumqi / Kashgar/Sary Tash /Osh/Ferghana / Samarkand / Bukhara / Khiva / Tashkent
Dear Abdullah and MirAlim Emir,
To start with the conclusion: we have had a great trip!!
Annelies and I would like to thank the two of you for the very well organised and most interesting, beautiful holiday we had. MirAlim, Auro and Sharleen were very knowledgable, professional and friendly guides in China. We learned a lot about "normal" life apart from what was planned in the tour. We found Yussaf sometimes a bit irritating. Maybe because he was fasting during the Ramadan or he just doesn't like to be with women. Very good that we got our visa for Kyrgistan and that you managed to get us on a public holiday past the border, thank you Abdullah. The guide in Kyrchistan, Talent, was not bad but he did not know about the arrangments. So we paid for our lunch and dinner and the second day the driver dropped us around noon in Osh and left. A bit strange so we had to hire a taxi to move around in Osh. in Uzbekistan we again had a great guide:Kamol. Professional and pleasant: a good guy! We don't have any complaints regarding the hotels, just fine and sometimes very good!.
All in all we had a great time.Thank you and we will for sure recommend your company to friends and colleagues.
Kind regards,
Freek (Holland)
Hello Abdullah,
I like to thank you again for the perfect organization of our Silk Road tour.
Our China trip was a great success, thanks to your efforts to fulfill our specific wishes but also by the combination of China and Xinjiang. I’ am sure that our China trip wouldn’t be so successful without seeing Xinjiang. Off course we enjoyed the Terracotta army and the walk on the Great Wall, as well as the walk through the beautiful Tuyuk valley and the Thousand Buddha caves, reachable through an extraordinary magnificent landscape.
We just felt like the old adventurers when we strolled by the small streets and market places in the villages around the Taklamakan desert, where we had a lot of contacts with the local people. Our Silk Road tour was a sublime experience and taste to more. The only thing that left are a lot of superb good memories, hundreds of pictures and 9 hours film.
Many greetings.
Jeannine Ghys, Antwerpen, Belgium