Dear Silk Road Adventures
We are back in US right now and still trying to recover from jet lag and get back to normal lives. And that's proving difficult after all the fun and excitement we've experienced in China. We'll like to take this opportunity to thank Silk Road Adventures for organizing and planning the trip. It has been a wonderful experience for us, a right mix of cultural exposure and adventure. When we first started planning for this trip, we have manyworries.
We worried about the efficiency and honesty of the people (we heard many horror stories of guides extorting bribing money from tourists etc.); we were worried about the cleanliness of the food; we were worried about state of the accommodation, but all these to naught. We were met at the airports / train stations as detailed in our itinerary, our guides bargained for better prices for us when we were purchasing items at places where language is a barrier; food was sumptious and none of us got sick because of it; in fact, when they realized we wish to taste local food, the guides went out all the way to prepare food they think we'll enjoy and the hotels were clean and service was pleasant. Overall, it was a thoroughly pleasant experience.
All our guides have been wonderful and accommodating to all our various needs and went out of their way to ensure our comfort and enjoyment, for example, our guide in Lanzhou guide, Megan, who took us to a Tibetian festival that's not on the itinerary. They share with us, not only factoids about tourist sights we are visiting, but also gave us an insight about life in China and shared their personal thoughts and feelings. They treated us not just as clients, but as friends and we really appreciated that. It is people like them who we meet along the way that makes the trip so special.
We will be glad to recommend your company to others who are considering a journey along the ancient Silk Road. We are still in the process of compiling our photos for the trip and will share these with you once they are done. Many thanks for this wonderful trip.
Best regards
KC, Jenny, Rosa, Kevin (USA)
Dear Abdullah,
Back to the cacophony of New Delhi's metropolis, all of us in the family are looking back fondly on the trip Classic Silk Route made possible through the strenous efforts of informative ,friendly and passionate Abdullah in whom we just found not just a Tour Leader but a friend ,guide and philospher....
Hardly back and the family is planning another holiday with Silk Road Adventures Co Ltd on other destinations highly recommended to every one on this internet world .
With love from all of us
Manjyot,Gurmeet and Gurpreet (India)
I recently took a bicycle tour of Xinjiang with your company. Mohammed Ali was the guide. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip, and Mohammed was an excellent guide. Mohammed was very skilled, excellent at solving problems that arose, and a very interesting person to talk with. He was very knowledgeable, so I was able to learn a lot. Learning about the history and customs of an area and people make a trip much more interesting than just seeing the sights.
Again, I enjoyed the trip and hope to take another one at some point.
Carter Cromwell
To: Xinjiang Silk Road Adventures Co., Ltd
10 floor, No.8 Jian She Road URUMQI, XINJIANG CHINA
Dear Mr. Adbullah Khaliq,
By this formal letter I want to express all my satisfaction for the very good services offered us during our latest visit of Xinjiang in September 2007. Furthermore the cost effectiveness of the tour was really outstanding. Here is the list of the hotels that we have used during our visit. They were all O.K., since I asked for 3 stars standard ones, and you instead offered a higher level. The scoring goes from 1 (very Bad) to 10 (excellent).
Tashkurgan—Pamir Hotel, good (7); Kashgar--World Plasa Yambu Hotel, excellent in any way (10); Aksu--lnternational Hotel, very good (9); Kucha--Kuche hotel, very good (8); Turpan--Grand Turpan hotel, very good (9) ; Dunhuang--Silk Road hotel, cozy , clean and quiet little hotel (this is really the standard of hotels I had originally in mind!) ,(8); Lanzhou--Sun hotel, excellent in any way (10).
From the stand point of the guide(s) , here are the comments of the group:Mohemmed All: good guide, intelligent, proactive, flexible; however his English has to be improved. Olando in Dunhuang: poor guide in any way, her English is totally insufficient. Jiang Bin (Roy) in Lanzhou, excellent guide, intelligent, proactive, flexible, and with good English.
I hope to have further contacts with you; until them receive on behalf of my whole group.
Our best congratulations and thanks
Riccardo Marmi di Villafranca Via