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Brief Information about Silk Road Transportation

Traveling along the Silk Road, is today became much easier due to the recent developments of tourism and transportation infrastructure.

Travel by Air

Although the most expensive, air travel is the most efficient and comfortable way to travel to the main cities along the Silk Road. The main cities Xi'an and Urumqi have international airports that offer frequent flights to all major Chinese cities as well as some international destinations. Local scheduled flights connect all major cities inside Xinjiang. For airline reservations and tickets you can visit the major airlines agencies open in all major cities. Moreover some large hotel can also book tickets for their guests.

Travel by Train

Trains are the favorite way to travel on the Silk Road as it is convenient and inexpensive. You can travel by train to Urumqi from Beijing, Xi'an, Lanzhou, Zhengzhou, Shanghai and Chengdu. Regular tickets are easy to buy while sleepers' tickets can only be bought in termini or major stations. Travelers making long journeys on train should carry with them enough food and drinks to cover the whole trip since, you may find the cefeteria of most trains are very crowded especially during the travel season. Moreover toiletry items like towel, toothbrush, toilet paper etc. must be carried by the traveler since they cannot be bought on the train.

Travel by Road

Buses are the most inexpensive method of transport along the Silk Road but, unfortunately, they are very slow and not very safe. The bus ride from Urumqi to Kashgar is highly recommended for very active travelers, offering spectacular views of the Tianshan Mountains and glimpses of the oasis towns along the northern rim of the Taklamakan Desert.
Cars or mini-vans are offered by some travel agencies and hotels. A travel by car can be the only way to visit sites far from cities or towns that would otherwise be inaccessible. Rental prices are based on the number of days and kilometers traveled, and sometimes they can be negotiated.


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