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COMMENCE: Kashgar (Tourgart/Erkeshtam pass)
CONCLUDES: Ghulja (Khorgas pass)
TRAVEL ROUTE : Kashgar, Yarkant, Khotan, Kucha, Korla, Turpan, Urumqi, Sayram lake, Ghulja.


Enter China via Turgart / Irkashtam Pass, Finish customs formalities drive/ride to Kashgar.

Day02: Do Customs and Traffic police formalities.

Day03: Customs and Traffic police formalities, then drive to Tashkorgan, enroute visit Karakul lake.

Motorcycle trip

Day04: Drive to Khunjirap pass (if allowed) then drive back to Kashgar.

Day05: Visit Kashgar Sunday Bazaar and live-stock market, old streets, Apakhoja tomb, and Eidkah mosque.

Day06: Drive to Khotan(520km), en route visit Yarkant(190km).

Day07: AM visit carpet workshop, Traditional paper making work shop. PM drive to Kiriya (Yutian) 190km.

Day08: Drive to Mid of Taklamakan desert (360km) the world most desert highway, en route visit Niya.

selfdriving in xinjiang

Day09: Drive to Kucha, visit Subash Ancient temple, Kucha Mosque.

Day10: Visit Kizil Thousand Buddha caves, return to Kucha, continue to Korla.

Day11: Drive to Turpan, en route visit Boston Lake (the sea of Xijiang).

Day12: Visit Astana graveyard, Gaochang anciet city, Tuyuk valley, Bizeklik Buddha caves, Flaming mountain.

Day13: Visit Jiaohe Ancient city, Karez underground irrigation system, Sulayman minaret, then drive to Urumqi.

Day14: Drive to Sayram lake—also one of the biggest lake in Xinjiang.

Day15: Drive to Ghulja (Yining).

get registration number in Ghulja, then drive to Korghas pass, do the declaration formalities of Customs.

Day17: Korghas—Almaty, Kazakhstan, finish all formalities and exit.

china trip


This itinerary is flexible. As in recent years the motorbikes are forbidden to ride in city area, so some times we will stay on the suburbs or some other towns close by.In this itinerary we leave 2 days at the beginning and 2 days at the end of the tour for Customs and traffic police formalities.

In 2006 we can get all necessary documents as driving license, car/motorbike license before clients arrival at the border. But from 2007 rules are changed that we finish all application formalities before clients arrival, do customs and traffic police on the spot.

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