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general manager

Abdullah Khaliq is Managing Director of Xinjiang Silk Road Adventures China.
1985-1996: He worked at Kashgar CITS as an English speaking guide and sales manager.
1996-1998: Managing director of Kashgar CYTS (China Youth Travel Service).
1998-now: He started his own business in December 1998 registered as the first private travel company in Xinjiang. He has travelled whole China and Central Asia.
He is well known for his knowledge about Silk Road History, Geography and Ethnography.

Alim was born in kashgar and has been involved in the tourism industry for over 10 years as an English speaking guide. Besides he is also responsible for arranging air tickets, logistics as hotel accommodations, foreign language speaking tour guides, ground transportation and sightseeing etc.
It's me who specialized at organizing Silk Road Tours in China, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.
it's me who guiding cultural groups along the Southern and Northern Silk Road in Xinjiang
It's me who arraging scenery and folklore tours in China Silk Route.
It's me who trekked in the various deserts and mountains in China with Adventure Groups.

Abdulrahman is manager of Adventure Tourism Department with 15 years self drive tours, trekking and climbing experience.
Self estimate:
It's me who found the Shipton's Arch in Kashgar with National Geographic Team.
it's me who arrange your self drive tours in whole China with great passion.
It's me who marched into K2 in January with World Expeditions Group.
It's me who suppose to arrange your treck to wild nature.

Anwar is manager of Outbound Tourism Department with 13 years tourism experience. He is incharge of organizing Chinese domestic tourists to Europe, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asian countries.
Besides he is arranging mainland China tourists to southern and northern Xinjiang every year.

Adalat is one of our tour coordinators who work closely with our accountant in order to complete our company's various transactions. She used to work hard in the area of finance management and is experienced in service industry and travel management.

Umair Malik is Managing Director of Xinjiang Silk Road Adventures Islamabad office in Pakistan. He is in charge of organizing both Pakistani cultural and bisiness travellers to China including air ticketing, accommodations and especially China visa issuance and China visa support letter etc.

Muhammad was born in Yining, he graduated from Xinjiang University in 2006, he is in charge of our silkroute and mountain trek websites mainly working as Webmaster and online sales manager, also he is english speaking guide, if you have some comments and suggestions about our websites, please feel free to contact with him by clicking here

Liuhui is the main accountant in our office, graduated from Xinjiang Financial University of Business Study and majored in accounting, She has a passion for accounting and is always eager to learn tourism related things and beyond.


our driver

Huguang is our company driver who has almost 25 years driving experience. now he is driving our 8 seated Hyundai business van.
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