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ĦĦĦĦIn recent years, inquiries for motorbike riding and self drive in China are rapidly increased. Being a leading agent in the field of adventure tourism, we have a rich experience in handling this kind of tours in China. However, there is a strict regulation from government authorities for this kind of events since these are considered as risky activities. The motor biking or self drive routes mostly covers border regions or heavy populated areas in Central China, agent should get permission for adventure travellers from Ministry of tourism, Border pass administration, Military, Public security, traffic administration, Customs and Immigration HQs etc. If the route covers only one province, all paper works comparably simple since it can be done at the capital city of that province and it will take at least 10 weeks to complete all permit works.
 If the route covers two or more provinces, all permissions should be issued at Beijing on Ministry level first then retrace again on provincial level. Thus, agent needs at least 16 weeks after having all information of client and vehicle or motor bike. Since the process of permit works same for a single person and for a whole group, it is wise to form up a group through clubs at least with over five vehicle or bike for cross China routes to share the expenses. For overland driving in Xinjiang only, at least two or more cars or bikes are fine.

 Compare to China, It is much easy to ride and drive in Central Asia Countries and in Pakistan. Hence, We suggest clients to have overland drive / rides in the west China linking with Central Asia or start from Central Asia or Pakistan end at Nepal through Kashgar, Aksaichin, Kailash, Nylam etc.

Required materials from foreign drivers for any groups who drive her/his own car into China:

1. Passport Scan or Copy. (preferred scan)

2. Copy of Home Driving License.

It might have information as: Name of driver, License Number, Issued date, Expired date, Driving classes/ type (as what kind of vehicle allowed to drive).

3. Copy of International Driving License (permit).

It might have information as: Name of driver, License Number, Issued date, Expired date, Driving classes/ type (as what kind of vehicle allowed to drive).

4. Photos of Drivers (with good quality), Occupation of drivers, License (plate) number of Automobile or Motorbike,Registered Country Name, Value/Price of Automobile or Motorbike, Side Photos of Automobile or Motorbike (with the licence Number on it), Copy of Automobile or Motorbike License. (Motorcycle Registration Certificate).

5. The form includes:Owner of Motorcycle, Plate Number and Registered Country Name, Date of first registration, Make of car/motorbike,Wheel plan/Body type (Exmple: 2-Axle-Rigid Body) ( Saybus, minibus or...), Weight (Net weight,Revenue weight when loading), Cylinder capacity/CC Rate, VIN/Chassis /Frame Number, Engine number, Vehicle colour, Number of Seats, Type of Fuel.

Overland passes to enter and exit from China:

1. Kunjirab pass with Pakistan. 430kms from Kashgar.
2. Irkeshtam Pass with Kyrgyzstan--280 kms from Kashgar to border and 510kms from Kashgar to Osh city in Ferghana valley.
3. Turgart pass with Kyrgyzstan--167kms from Kashgar.
4. Horgos pass with Kazakhstan--100kms from Yining.
5. Jeminey pass with Kazakhstan--900kms from Urumqi.
6. Kodari pass with Nepal--880kms from Lhasal.
7. China Tajikistan border is 270kms from Kashgar but this pass is not open for third Country citizens yet.

If you have any question about self driving tour in mainland China and central asia, please feel free to contact our Adventure Dept Manager Abdul Rehman.

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