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Kashgar Travel Information

Known as Kashi in Chinese, Kashgar is China¡¯s most westerly city, situated 665 miles west of Urumqi and 80 miles east of China's border with Kyrgyzstan in the former Soviet Union.

Kashgar is an important hub on the Old Silk Road , a vibrant Islamic centre within Chinese territory. It is the largest oasis city in Chinese Central Asia and 95 percent of its population of over 3 millions are Uyghur. The city is populating 300000. Kashgar's importance derives from its strategic position at the foot of the Pamir Mountains, commanding access to the high glacial passes of the Silk Road routes into Central Asia, India and Persia. The weary trade caravans plodding west on the northern and southern routes met up at Kashgar, the desert hazards and demons finally behind them. Merchants bound for China thawed out after descending to Kashgar from the peaks of the Pamirs or the Karakorams, and exchanged their stolid yaks and exhausted packhorses for camels to convey their merchants into Inner Provinces of China.

Kashgar Has a history of more than 2000 years. The earliest reference appeared in Persian documents referring to an alliance of Tuleshan tribes, who founded their capital here. Kashgar was possibly the first of the Buddhist kingdoms of the Tarim basin. In the 2nd century.

Hinayana Buddhism flourished here and continued to do so until the 9th or 10th century. During this period Indian and Persian cultural influences were strong. Xuanzang noted that the Kashgar had green eyes¡ªperhaps a reference to Aryan origins and that for their writing they take their model from India. The disposition of the men is fierce and impetuous, and they are mostly false and deceitful. They make light of decorum and politeness, and esteem learning but little.

Population and Nationalities

Kashgar Prefecture has a population of 3.3 million, of which the Uyghur nationality comprises 95. 92 percent, the Han, 3.6 percent and the Tajik, 1.03 percent, with the other 0. 45 percent made up of Hui, Kyrgyz, Uzbek, Kazakh, Manchu, Xibo, Mongol, Tatar and Daur nationalities.
The city of Kashar has a population of 300000, 74.62 percent of which is Uygur and 24.32 percent of which is Han and other minorities.

Scenic Spots and Places of Interests

Idgar Mosque, Abakh Khoja Tomb, Yusuf Has Hajip Tomb, Mahmud Kashgari Tomb, Ancient Hanoi City and the Mor Buddhist pagoda. Bazaar, Bashkeram Orchard, Chini-Bagh, Russian Consulate, Three Immortal Buddha Caves, Karakul Lake, etc.

Kashgar is also the starting point for the overland journey into Kyrgyzstan. Travel through the high Torugart Pass, crossing the land border between China and the ex-Soviet republic. It takes a day to drive from Kashgar to Naryn in Kyrgyzstan, then another day to the capital Bishkek.

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