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Idkah Mosque
Built in 1442, the IdKah Mosque is the main historic sight in Kashgar and dominates the central square. It is one of the largest and most active mosques in the country and attracts close to 10,000 worshippers every Friday afternoon and almost double that number during religious festivals. The mosque exemplifies grand Islamic architecture, with a rectangular entranceway, flanked by intricately designed, slender minarets. The fa?ade of the mosque is filled with yellow and white tiling, interspersed with designs in blues and greens. Inside the mosque there are charming courtyards and gardens where worshippers assemble before entering the halls.

Apakhoja Tomb
Abakh Kohja was the 17th century ruler of Kashgar, Korla, Kucha, Aksu, Hetian and Shache. He was the leader of the White Mountain sect of Islam and was revered as a venerable leader and prophet. Abakh Kohja Tomb was built in 1640 and houses a small religious school and the tombs of 5 generations of Kohja? family. The complex features typical Central Asian architecture it is a large mosque-like structure with blue and white tiling, complete with a green dome and colorful minarets.Kohja grandaughter Ikparhan (Xiang Fei, or (Fragrant Concubine) in Chinese is also buried here. She was a favored concubine to Qing emperor
Qianlong (1711-1791) and lived in the Forbidden City for 25 years before being executed by the emperor jealous mother. On the emperor? orders, 120 people spent 3 years transferring her coffin back to her home in Kashgar and the palanquin upon which her coffin was carried is still on display.
Karakul Lake
Karakul Lake, known as (the father of glaciers), is located at the foot of Mount Maztagata, sitting at 3,600m above sea level, measuring 30m deep, and covering an area of more than 100,000 square kilometers. The trip out here from Kashgar takes travelers 200km through treeless sand dunes, past grazing camels and yaks until suddenly this dramatic and spectacular lake appears by the roadside, as if from nowhere. The surface of this huge lake reflects the snow-covered peaks of Mount Muztagata, which towers in the background. There are some great hikes and walks around here, and the area is especially nice in the
summer, when the flowers on the trees bloom, the air is fresh and temperatures are pleasant. It can get very cold at this altitude however, so bear in mind that you may need to take extra clothing with you to keep warm. The entire lake can be walked in one long day. You can also spend more time here, staying in the Kazakh Yurts or camping if you have your own tent.
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