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List of featured hotels used for our Silk Road tours in Dunhuang
Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel
The Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel is founded in 1995. Situated against the backdrop of the picturesque Mingsha Sand Dunes. To journey through the fabled Silk Road and experience China's ancient culture could have been your dream. It combines modern facilities together with a touch of classical architectural design to provide comfortable accommodation to Silk Road travelers.

Dunhuang Sun Hotel
The Grand Sun Hotel is located in the city centre and is just 13 kilometres from the airport. The hotel boasts a business centre, which offers an ideal choice for hosting all kind of meetings and parties. You can work out at the gymnasium to release all your stress as well as tension and later relax at the sauna. Rooms designed in both Chinese and Japanese styles, the guestrooms are pleasant, cosy and equipped with an array of modern amenities that a discerning traveller would expect.
Dunhuang Hotel
The hotel of Dunhuang was established in 1979, it was the hotel of a garden type. Promoted to the four-star hotel concerning foreign affairs in 2001, the hotel covered an area of 32000 square meters, with a construction area of 28000 square meters, have Grand Hotel , south floor , north floor , new the eighth floor four subject building, have the president, luxurious inner room , 251 of standard room amount to 500 berths . The hotel afforests and makes a pleasant shade, the culture atmosphere is strong , self-contained, have also developed one agricultural home with strong folk conditions and customs , takes up an area of nearly 40 mu.
Fly to the sky in the chorus after setting up the hotel of Dunhuang, perform the Dunhuang dance accompanied by music with characteristic of Dunhuang for guests every night.
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