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Drive to China Silk and Tea Horse Routes
  Entry Port: Torugart Pass (Kyrgyzstan)  
  Exit Port: Mohan Pass (Laos)  
  Length of the trip: 29 days  
  Riding/driving route: Torugart pass-Kashgar-Khotan-Kucha  
  Bosten Lake-Turpan-Hami-Dunhuang-Jiayuguan-Zhangye-Xining  
  Riding/Driving in: 5 Provinces--Xinjiang, Gansu, Qinghai, Sichuan and Yunnan  
  Accommodation: in hotels and guesthouses  
  Booking deadline: 3 months before entry  
  Total distance:  
  Brief Itinerary  
  Day01: Kyrgystan to China via Torugart Pass  

Enter China from Torugart pass, met by Chinese guide and driver, after custom formalities, drive to Kashgar.

  Day02: Drive to Atush to obtain Chinese temporary driving license, temporary car license, third party liability insurance  
  etc at traffic police office, drive back to Kashgar for overnight.  
  Day03: Do rest of the formalities at Traffic Police OR rest day.  
  Day04: Day tour in Kashgar including visit to ApakKhoja Mausoleum, Eidkagh Mosque and its handcrafts street, Old  
  Town and small lanes of Kashgar and Sunday Market daily section.  
  Day05: Ride/drive along the oasis Southern Silk Road to Khotan.  
  Day06: Ride/drive across the China¡¯s biggest desert Taklamakan from south to north, arrive Aksu.  
  Day07: Ride/drive to Kucha, enroute visit Kizil Thousand Buddhist caves, Tianshan Grand Canyon.  
  Day08: Ride/drive along the southern slope of Tianshan Mountain range to Baghrash (Bosten) lake which is the biggest  
  inland fresh water lake in the region, overnight at lake side hotel.  
  Day09: Ride/drive across the Tianshanmountain to historical Turpan basin, afternoon time to explore Jiaohe Ancient  
  Ruins which was listed under UNESCO, Karez underground irrigation canals.  
  Day10: Ride/drive to Hami, the eastern gate of Xinjiang, enroute drive via Flaming Mountain valley to enjoy unique  
  Uyghur village Tuyuqwhich has been visited by several Silk Road Explorers in the past, overnight in Hami.  
  Day11: Ride/drive to Dunhuang .  
  Day12: Morning visit to Mingsha sand dunes and Crescent Moon Lake, afternoon visit to Mogao Grottoes the World  
  Heritage Site, overnight at Dunhuang.  
  Day13: Drive along the Gobi Desert to Jiayuguan, afternoon visit to Jiayuguan Fort and Hanging Great Wall.  
  Day14: Morning drive to Zhangye, afternoon free.  
  Day15: Ride/drive across the Qilian Mountain Range to Xining, the capital city of Qinghai Province.  
  Day16: Ride/drive to Maduo on the Tibetan Plateau, overnight at Hotel.  
  Day17: Ride/drive to Shiqu, the most northwestern part of Sichuan province.  
  Day18: Ride/drive to Ganzi, afternoon visit to Ganzi Temple.  
  Day19: Ride/drive to Daofu.  
  Day20: Ride/drive to Kangding.  
  Day21: Ride/drive to Yaan.  
  Day22: Ride/drive to Panzhihua  
  Day23: Ride/drive to Lijiang.  
  Day24: Rest day in Lijiang OR visit Lijiang Old town OR Tiger Leaping Gorge.  
  Day25: Ride/drive to Dali, afternoon visit to Dali old Town and Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple.  
  Day26: Ride/drive to Lincang.  
  Day27: Ride/drive to Puer  
  Day28: Ride/drive to Xishuangbanna.  
  Day29: Ride/drive to Mohan (China-Laos Border)  
  Day30: After custom formalities, exit to Laos.  
  Service included:  
  --English Speaking Guide in whole trip.  
  --3 star hotels and guest houses in whole trip.  
  --Permits for driving in 5 provinces (Xinjiang, Gansu, Qinghai,Sichuan and Yunnan) from different departments.  
  --Temporary driving license, temporary car/motorbike license, third party liability insurance, custom clearance etc.  
  --Support vehicle in whole trip.  
  --China visa support letter if required.  
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